The story so far...

The Deuells moved to LA in 2013 to pursue the work of church planting in the Westwood Region. After 10 years of ministry from mega churches to church plants, they are catalyzing a new church community in Westwood.

Here's the backstory.


The Start

Devin and Kate met during their junior year at the University of Washington (UW). Devin radically met Jesus earlier at UW while Kate met Jesus as a child.

When Devin met Jesus, it flipped his world upside down- his career path, values, and passions were all transformed from dreaming of work in the business world to instead using those abilities to to see others experience the same freedom, relationship, and meaning that he had found in Jesus. 

The Deuells joined a team that helped start a new church for the community surrounding the University of Washington. The invaluable experience shaped their hearts to love Urban University Regions.

The Move to LA

After 6 years with their church in Seattle, the Deuells sensed God calling them to the Westwood Region of Los Angeles (home to UCLA) to catalyze a new church.

On their first trip to Westwood to walk the neighborhood and pray, a young man they met shared with shock that "We've been praying for a church planter to come here!" The Deuells left LA passionate to pursue the calling that they had sensed from Jesus.

After a time back in Seattle, their church and community affirmed the calling to LA. The Deuells moved from Seattle to Westwood on Easter Sunday, 2013. 


Reality LA, Residency, & Sending

Upon arriving in LA, the Deuells began attending Reality LA ( and immersed themselves in community and service. After a few months, Devin was invited on staff and eventually joined the Pastoral Residency, a two-year program founded to raise up church planters and send them out to plant churches.

Devin has now completed the Residency and Reality LA has embarked in the process of sending the community that has come to share their burden to plant a new church in the Westwood region. Reality LA will be ordaining Devin for his new role and supporting this new gospel work, along with two other Jesus-Centered, people-loving networks.

This new church community will be sent out form Reality LA on March 26th, 2017.


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Because we believe we need help, wisdom, accountability, and partnership in this new church planting work!

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*Currently in process

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